Thursday, 5 July 2012

6th ed + de

iv read the rulebook and  i need  2 play  a few games 2 see what its like  foot armies may become very powerfull but we need 2 see.

vehicles are more fragile from the outlook only playtesting will determine how badly

i tried my DE list for  toy soldier  and it works well  the  clawfiend is great  although 4 birdies is a bit crap 6 wud be better but i havent got the points for it

still need 2 actually  play 6th ed tho after i sort out my fantasy stuff lol  i plan  on starting  6th ed after  toy soldier  or at least have a few practice games this is a little short n sweet ill hopefuly be picking up my wet pallete 2moz n ill be painting the claw fiend

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