Sunday, 22 July 2012

writing 6th ed lists and the meta and my final game of 5th

im quite  happy  my final 5 games of  40k 5th ed  were  these

game 1  vs  pedro kantor marines  this  was a back and forewards  game  and  turn  7 i needed 2 marines left on the objective to stay and they fled and i cudnt charge them so it finished in a draw!!

game 2 marines with shrike nice easy foot list i turbo boosted up it was DOW and i refused flank out the wayof the nasty las canon then vect and his unit jumped out and went thru 2  units  before dieing to a 10 man termy +shrike and chaplian then  i turned  5 venoms and3 ravagers on the rest of his army   win for DE!!!!

game  3 was shooty  orks  and i got  annilated the list was  evil  but  i managed 2 get  990 points  by killing his warboss nob bikers and half a unit of boys 

game 4 vs nids  it was a gd list and he mitigated my shooting with  FNP  and  hiding andgd deployment (ifidhavewon this i was in for a shot at 3rd)

the final  game number  5  vs the dreaded  gay  nights  hisbest unit  rolled up and thru cover and immobiliesed  itself  turn1  so it waspretty much  out till turn  3  i focussed fire on his  10 mantermies on his objective and he got sum lucky shots and took out 2 ravagers(over  turn  1+2)  at this point he deep struk in a unit of 10termies i wipedthem out in 1 go aswellsthe dreadknight and vect went forward  turn 4  i finished off the dreadnought in cover ( it was immobiliesed with no weapons) then  vect  went into combat with  9 wyches against  7 terminators  and vect killed 4 (squad did jack shitt)  my wyches survived  and  turn 5 he did a little shooting i blew up the dread  vect finished  off wat was left of the  termies and we stormed onto the objetive!!  game was pretty much done here  he tried shootting my wyhes on hisobjective  i went to ground +3/4+ FNP  they werent goin newhere!!  i tried to blowup the last  chimera  got a weapondestroyed n half VP for it

final result 55 points  out of 100 and  6645 VP's  ( i tied with sum1 else who had the exact same)   

5th has finally finished im happy with winning  my last game of 5th ed  now im looking foreward to painting up dating my dark eldar ill stick with them n get them  some eldar home boyz!!

well  since  no1  knows  exatly  will be on top  its  still all speculation  BUT  im  currently  scouring  the internet looking for  trends  for  lists  to see  what  i can do  now 1750  is my standard  games limit  and  its  a bit of asqueeze getting in everything  i want aswell as allies

my eldar  contingent looks like this


fire  dragons x10
wave serpent
vector engines
scatter laser

pathfinders x7

war walkers x3

this is a very defensive contingent  eldrad sits  with the  pathfinders casting  either  guide on the ravagers which will help me  take down those harder  vehicles  (it also  counters  my crap dice rolling)

war walkers  then  kick  out 24 shots  at any vehicle that  wants to go for my objective  and either way u look at it  its gunna die lol the other good thing is they can take down  flyers with guided shots  i can  also  doom 2 units  which will  be awesome  for  venomsand my counter assualt unit  not sure wat  that  will be yet 

the final part is  the waveserpent moves up supported by  trueborn with  a hard  unit  anda troop unit 2 capture 

as  objectives are nowonly 6" apart  if i can place as many as i can then  ill make a triangle in the  open around the centre  ofthe board which means my opponent will be  inmy 36" range as he tries 2 capture objectives and wat  not lol      

i now have  942 points  left  for the main bulk of my army and im not sure  what  ill need

roughly  i have  this  in my head


trueborn x2

wyches x5

wyches x9


their are still things  id like 2 try  im  happy with  both  sides of the army andifcomesin at 1750 on the  dot

dark eldar  side  ravagers  sit at the back and help WW  shoot stuff hopefully  with  either  these  2 guided or  WW and 1 guided i should  take down  2 vehicles a turn

then ihave wyches 2 take  objectives and a big nasty wych unit with  vect to  harras  other  units the  grenades open up the options to get  extra VP from  tanks and things 

at the moment  i now need 2 work on getting the eldar  bought and giving the list a trial run

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