Thursday, 19 July 2012

1 day left and retiring old lists

now  my  dark eldar  are ready to rock and roll !!!!!!!!!  2nite ill pack  my bag ready for  2moz  then were off 2 toy soldier  for  a piss  up friday night then  gaming  satdi n sunday!!!

also  iv fixed  up  my dark  eldar  aswell as  my chaos marine army so their  both ready  to  be put on the field

i willbe bringing out the  old lash list for a few games before the new codex.  at the start  of 5th  dual  lash was one of the strongest lists around but as  increased  anti  pysker was slowly filtered into the game and the rules for  pyschic powers  changed it started slowly  getting weaker and weaker.  5 years later its  hardly played and  although  chaos is still used this list is sat by the wayside.

we dont know what rules will be in the new codex or if well even have lash at all so  after  toy soldier  dark eldar  will be shelved and the chaos marines will be back out for the last few weeks before the new codex comes out to shake  off the  dust  and flexthe biceps  a final huzzah before  dual lash is sent  to the  note  book for out of date lists

so when a new codex comes out how do u give ur old list a proper send off

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