Saturday, 14 July 2012

deploying the troops in 6th ed

ok guys i played  my first  game of  6th ed  and  it feels like  not much has changed and the cahnges i  do like  over  watch and  unit  deployment and positioning are  massively important

heres  how  i broke  6th  ed 

when you  roll to wound you create  a "wound  pool" now  lets  say for  example(as this  juss happened)  vect is the  closest  model  to the firing  unit  and the  wound pool  is 6 dice.  the rulebook states

 if after the save is taken it reduces  the  wounds of the model  to zero  u move to the next model

(heres where it breaks)  a unit of  wyches are  in range  to be  shot up  and  the firing unitg ets 5 wounds for the wound pool

the closest  model to this unit is vect  so poor  vect  has3 wounds which means before  the wounds will pass to the next model behind  him he has to fail his 2+ inv save :(

now  grey knights  can do  this even  better!!  have a  paladin  at the front with awarding stave and  an apothecary he then  has to fail his 2+/2++  and FNP  before  any wounds will go to the next model

if you  can have  battle brothers with  your allies this can get really crazy!!!

combat  isnt as bad as i first thought its really quick to move 3" so its ok

deplyoment was the  1 where   u deploy on the back of the short table edge n this is amazing for  every shooting army  sit half way  back so when they  get  2 the midway point u can start shooting and still be well out of harms way 

warlord  traits  are  fun but i didnt bother using my  outflank skill

peopleusing venomsdont worry !!  their still just as resilient  with flicker fields  :D

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