Tuesday, 10 July 2012

clawfeind!!! go

my list is now fully  done all painted and ready to go.  the  next important  thing is to  do some fixins n mend some damaged models ravagers are quite bashed.  but on 2 the  gd stuff 

so  clawfiend you can only  have  1 per  handler and their 40pts each   which means a unit of these badboys is 260 points lol

so what do you get for  40pts 

ws4 s5 t5 w4 i5 a4

the main thing is  the  T5  when  the unit of beasts is shot at  normally u have 2  choices kill a bird  kill a handler  or take a 4+inv save on the khymera.  what  the  clawfiend allows you  to do is  take the first  str7+ wound  on him he wont die hell jus lose a wound   this  has 2 benefits:

1 the unit doesnt lose any casualties
2 the khymera survive longer

if ur incover even better.  now if  after  reading this your allready trying to squeeze  one  into ur list  dont be scaredof him  dying  that his job 

but if he does survive to get into combat   hes str5 and has  an extra attak per wound missing so thats  a max of 8 attacks on the charge  so hopefully  ull get a couple of glances maybe even a pen :D

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