Tuesday, 24 July 2012

more chaos rumours

more rumours  :D  and wow  

All Chaos Space Marines get Hatred:(Space Marines)  this is  one   for  the  fluff gamers  and  1 for the power gamers   
Zerkers: Rage, Cheaper  cheaper  could  mean  WS lowered  2  4
1k Sons: Soul Fire, Same cost  same  cost  but  ap3 an soul fire full tzeentchian thousan sons army!!! :P
Emperor Children: Weapons Ignore cover and now have Salvo USR, Cheaper hmmmm thats  amazing  i will  deff re look at getting some :D
Plague Marines: Poison Weapons, More Expensive  mmmmm not sure  they should get an increase

Codex author is Phil Kelly  we all know  how  gd phil kelly is at writing codex's  i do well with dark eldar  and iv got  some eldar to add 2 them

from  this day forth  ill only play phil kelly codex's  so  im hoping  he  re-writes  the eldar  codex!!!!  

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