Tuesday, 24 July 2012

painting edition

im getting  thru my  targets for  this month  iv done quite  abit of painting 2 day  firstly  i picked up my wet  pallette and  kings of war cavelry and as a bonus i also picked up 2 war walkers for my  eldar  contingent

so wat have i painted  well iv  based the  wriaths and  mounts  in  a  2:1 mix of liche purple an chaos black

i did 2/3  watered down layers  using a wet pallette which  looks loads smoother  than  using a brush striaght from the paint pot lid lol (which ill never do again)

as it was gettin  quite hot  brittish summer  finally  here!!  i  jus did  the  next layer  on the  horses  and im trying to  copy the  ones  on the box  so  i did a layer of  liche purple  againthin layers built  up from the wet pallette 

so this  is where  their  at  right  now  2moz  ill  do  the  above  on  the riders then do the bone  on the mounts 

more after the drop

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