Tuesday, 10 July 2012

fires in the sky

this is another blurb  on 6th ed  and  how  skyfire and flyers will work  most  weapons with skyfire  are  str7  and most flyers  are either  av11 or 12

so  space wolves  missile  spam  may still be on top

5 puppies fire flakk  with  sky fire at  an av12 flyer  will get  u  2  glances on average  thats  a total of 6 across 3 units  and  2 dead flyers a turn so spacewolves dont need to wet them selves jus yet

for av11 its even easier jus the  2 glances  become pens and  u get 1 extra glance so necrons may be worried  same with dark eldar

now the next big bad boys are  hydra flakk batteries  the most annoying  HS unit in 40k  after rolling some dice  a unit of  3  hydras have 12 shots  the average  is around  3-4 glances so str8 away and 1 in 3 units wil get a pen

so whose  gunna ally with  guard :P   

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