Sunday, 15 July 2012

winning is for winners

now the  internet  or interwebz if u wana try n be kool  all agrees that  nids are terrible they suck so bad and no1 with  a slight amount of common sense  would  bother playing them and after  playing  my first game of 6th and tabling  my freinds nids with my dark eldar which wasnt very nice of me lol

i came across an article about a GT event an in the top 10  their  was a nid  army so  the interwebz is wrong!!! so  i spent my  afternoon  rolling dice and writing down results and came  up with this list

The Swarmlord
 2x Tyrant Guard (Lash Whips)

Prime Warrior
Lash whip bone sword

3x Hive Guard
Doom in pod 130
venomthropes x2 110

28x Termagaunts
28 x gaunts
Adrenal Glands, Toxin Sacs, Catalyst

Fex x2 320
Worms x2  60

this is the rolling  wall of death  for setup regardless of mission this is it  (doom is upfront  causing havoc)

            both termagaunts at the  front
                         hive guard
FEXs venomthrope-warrior prime-venomthrope Tervigon
                             tyrant guard

this will give everything a 5+ cover save and all units in synapse range are fearless and fearless is now awesome!!
secondly the tervigon  casts  catalyst on the closest unit giving them a 5+/5+ save. this forces the oponent to shootthe slightly weaker 5+ unit
the tervigon should  pump out  2-3 to claim objectives that you leave  in the bak of your deployment

the slight downside is short range guns but  when the get into range you have

fexs that can take down a transport a turn
hive guard that cantake down a  transport a turn
doom that on average shud yeild a  5/6  on an average pen roll of  3/4

then once all those yummy  little troops are out  you  have 56  shots from the  gaunts  then  for combat  you have 2 units of super guants to tarpit those big units with

then its jus a case of swarming in with the swarm lord to do sum damage

with  multiple large targets and a swarm of superguants its a hard choice to make either  whittle down the guants and leave the big beasties

you cud even be super  meanandsit infront of the enemy spawning more super guants and manouvering the swarm lordforeward and force the enemy to charge you then pour on the overwatch shots what better  than  shooting  once  SHOOTING TWICE IN ONE TURN!!!!

so here you have it its not  full of units the interwebz say are amust have but it will punch a hole in any line you throw it at

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