Tuesday, 6 March 2012

5 weeks and counting

well were entering the few final weeks for open war and i have this to report

blood crushers done!!
deamon prince done!!
demon prince done!!

as for the gaming side its deffinately worth while to split the army evenly  and this is how im gunna do it

heralds x2
deamon princes of tzeentch x2

this leaves
blood thirster
deamon prince of khorne
and 4 troops

hopefully with the drop on turn1  i  have  a chance to take out 4 tanks then after their turn1 hopefully ill have enough left to finish off what ever comes out of those tanks or do mor damage with the feinds and crushers   and if the DP and thirster drop in ill be reinforcing the charge  side and dropping troops out of the way  thats the plan

next game necrons :D

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