Wednesday, 28 March 2012

vangaurd day

since its my day 2 play vangaurd i thought the  first post should be about vangaurd but wat  iv done tactic articles deck building and the basics  as well as FINAL TURN!!  so now im struggling for ideas so i thought id give an overview of all the different decks out their so far.

currently their are  2 trial decks that u can buy and play with straight away  but iv delved into the depths of the booster packs to build 4 more decks !!!!  that means so far their are 6 decks in total to play so lets check them out (their are actually 7 but i havent built a tachikaze clan deck yet)

granblue  infinite resurection hell!!! for those who have seen the anime youll allready know wat that means for those who just play the card game itll soon become clear like the ocean :D.  gran blue deck consist of vampires and ghosts and deamons and their pirates. their main tactic is disarding cards from the deck to the drop zone then counter blasting to bring those units to the field  which means u can cycle units back to the field pretty easy.  the down side is ull need to run  at least 3 copies of hte top and key cards because when ur discarding ull lose some.

spike brothers are the football hooligans of vanguard its a very fluid deck  grade 2's call grade 2's and grade 1's can superior call their arent many cards for them tho at the moment so they lack a variety of grade 3 cards

OTT or oricle think tank is a deck ran by misaki in the anime and uses the soul and soul charging and soul blasting for effects more than other decks  i havent really played my OTT deck yet so cant really say how theyll play out

finally the great kamui rides nova grapplers these are amazingly good   starting with battle raizer  stand trigger that goes back 2 the deck after u ride it  brutal  jack grade 2 with 11k power  and lion heat who when hits can stand a unit and Mr invincible can soul blast 8 counter 5 and stand all units including himself

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