Tuesday, 27 March 2012

the FINAL general tactics article

and for this one i did say id talk about the elusive FINAL TURN!!!!!  now vanguard has no set turn limit but for those who also watch the anime theyll know both kai and ren call final turn to announce their about to win the game now in the anime its all scripted so how can u call a successfull final turn

timing is everything  u need both a field and hand advantage and i wud suggest caling final turn when u can get sumthin like this in the picture i have  victory aleph  2 overlord and barr 2 boost  the best time to call final tun is when ur opponent has 4 cards max in his hand  and atleast 4 damage points   this is because if he pulls a heal trigger ull need 2 do extra damage

i would start by calling final turn  and i wouldnt ride i would activate alpehs first effect boosting him to 13k and 2 critical then activate his 2nd effect to unflip all my damage then re activate aleph to do 16k and 3 critical this means ur opponent will do everything he possibly can to stoo this attack going thru

next attack with dragonic overlord on the left dont boost with 4 cards in hand ur opponent will let u kill his rear gaurd then stand dragonic overlord

next attak with the second overlord do the same thing

now with this overlord attack the vanguard and boost with only 2 damage hell risk taking damage as u really cant waste cards with a 3 critical unit on the field

now back to the other over lord this will all depend on wat hes drawn  most grade 3's are 10k power so with an overlord an 19k with a boost he can block with 1 card but that would leave him with 1 card if he got a heal ur back 2 square 1 and hell jus take damage

this is the all important attack  aleph with 16k boosted up 2 24k  hell block wth all cards (this could be any where from 25 -40k sheild)   bcoz even 1 trigger and ur through  so  it all depends on what triggers you draw lets do through them all assuming he has a 30K sheild

if u draw a stand trigger youve won  then a critical you win
draw heal trigger give the 5k to aleph  then wat ever else u draw if u get a trigger give the 5k to alpeh then ur thru his defence thats 7 damage in total and u win
if you get a draw trigger this can mess it up as the next card you draw is the effect of the draw trigger so if u draw a trigger it wont activate so u need the next card 2 be any trigger to win
drawing a critical  and giving all effect 2 aleph you then need 2 draw 1 more trigger to win

essentially to get final turn  3 cards max in opponents hand and 4 points of damage and go for a very aggressive field 
kill grade 2's first (or the turn before if u dont play kagero) 
then go for it and attack

the most important is u must call final turn before you draw for it 2 count

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