Tuesday, 27 March 2012

in game tactics VANGAURD

it makes mre sense to carry on and go to actual gaming with vanguard then do more deck building however i will do some reports on each clan as i play them. 

so by now if u have followed the posts you have a an idea how the game is played and a super special awesome deck of destruction!!!!

now its time to change  lucky wins into consistant wins!!!  and i have a few simple rules that shoud help

firstly is proper deck shuffling before the deck is shuffled make sure u have an even spread of triggers through out the deck as well as all the other grades i do this by goin  1/2/1/2/1/2  and make them into a pile  then go 12/3/12/3 into a pile  then  go 2 cards followed by a trigger into a final pile after this make 5 random piles of ten during games to keep it even.

first hand i have my royal paladins on hand to better explain and im goin 2 imagine that im playing against some1 and explain all th cards and choices 

my starting vanguard is always barcgal his skill lets me search for llew and flogal then with flogal and llew on the field i can supior ride and search for blaster blade!!

i drew 
knight of silence gallatin
knight of truth gordon
heal triggers x2
1 draw trigger

i got no grade 1's  pretty bad  i allways put back triggers  from my starting hand if i drawany more then thats bad luck ill keep gordon as if he intercepts he gets +5000 so gallatin is also going back *insert shuffling noise*

new cards drawn were
high dog breeder akane  she can sert for any high beast with a counter blast 2 ( ill search for pongal who can counter blast 1 and search for soul saver dragon)
flash shield isuelt  is the royal paladins perfect defence  so that means if i had 2 use 3 cards to defend against a grade 3 wit htwin drive ill use perfect defence leaving me with cards left to block anything else
blaster blade  retires any units with a counter blast of 2 
wingal  can boost blasterblade for 19000 attack

ok so first turn lets say i get first turn i draw little sage marron first thing i do is ride barcgal and use his effect and search for llew then attack with marron  most players will take the first 2 points of damage this is because u dont need 2 defend this early secondly it give you access to counter blasts to take an advantage

during you opponents first few turns dont guard take some damage  if he play aggresive putting down 2 or even 3 grade ones jus take that damage then start defending

since iv mentioned defending  up 2 grade 2 add together the damage as normal  lets say its  18000 and ur grade 2 has  9000 power  assume that with a 33% chance hell draw a trigger  giving him 23000 power  that mean to successfully block you need to put down a 10k and 5k shield this means if he draws a trigger he wont go through  if u work on this principle ull allways be able to defend 

i personally take damage from rear gaurds bcoz once ur at grade it shouldnt take long to finish the game  but dont be reckless

the next defending stratagy is perfect defence    lets say a grade 3 with boosted 24k power attacks ur grade 3 with 10k power  now with twin drive if he draws 2 triggers  (ITS VERY IMPORTANT TO PLAN GUARDING FOR TRIGGERS ITS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN WINNING AND LOSING) thats 34k power  so u need u hve 2 play  3 cards from your hand which is alot  playing a perfect defence u only lose 2 cards and u take no damage regardless of power!!

back to the game i drivecheck and drew pongal and he damage checks next turn ill take damage my damage check reveals alfred but my draw phase i get soul saver dragon i dont need high dog breeder having soul saver in my hand so ill ride her this turn( lol)  re activate barcgal for flogal play her then play Gordon for his intercept effect and I can attack with a boost from flogal doin 2 damage this turn is he chooses not 2 block  drive check reveals gigantech charger

i think at this point i should talk about the opponent and wat hell be thinking and planning as he went second hell be going to grade 2 so he may put down 2 more grade 2's as rear guards he can still intercept so he doesnt weaken himself  hell attack with rear guards first to see how u react and take that damage (were now at 3)  then block his vangaurd

intercept with gordon for 10k+8k from vanguard then put down 1 5k from your hand i lose gordon from the field and pongal from my hand as he is no longer needed

i kno have 3 grade 3's in my hand ill activate llew and ride blaster blade from my deck (ill ride soul saver dragon next turn and maybe get a fina turn ill do a seperate article for that) this gives me 5 in soul then blaster next turn makes 6 activate blaster blade and target grade 2's on the front row to give u an advantage i attack drive check a draw trigger

at this point expect him 2 defend more i draw another draw trigger this means i have 10k i can use as a sheild and 1 perfect defence

hell now be at grade 3 and with only blaster blade on our side hell be thinking he can get a win but with 7 cards in my hand and 3 damage hell go 4 the main twin drive so well perfect defence and we take 1 damage but lose 2 cards 2 defend a boosted grade 2 i draw a heal trigger (allways put face down cards back into the drop zone

i drew a stand trigger with a 10k shield but i have a great offencsive hand so lets push and go in this order
ride soul saver
call charger he reveals gallatin so well put him in the front row for more defence
now activate  soul saver  giving the 3 rear gaurds 5k 

so attack for 15 hell have 2 block 1
then do it agen hell have 2 take this
then attack for 24 with soul saver dragon!!  (remember if i twin drive thats 34k!!) hell have 2 defend this will weaken his hand for next turn i get 1 trigger so hes safe

but i can know block 30k next turn
we have 3 points of damage he has 4

hell do sumthin similar but hell attak the grade 2 first let him save ur hand he cud attack the grade 3 or do use his rear guard 2 attak the vangaurd is he does take the damage so lets assume he attacks the vanguard

we discard 3 cards 2 defend if he gets a stand trigger well take another point so draw and play everything if u have  5 points of damage u can easily cause 3 this turn as is hand wud be low from blocking
first attack with a rear guard with the lowest attack value doing this means he can easily block or take damage  so take the damage
secondly attack with the other rear guard that can be boosted hell block  this
next vaguard and same agen twin drive get check  to finish the game  a stand trigger wud be gd

now ill leave it their as iv covered all the main points  and ill go thru them agen
when blocking remember grade 2 or lower make sure u add enough defence 2 block if they draw a drive trigger and with grade 3  enough 2 block if they draw 2 triggers

attack with rear guards first starting with the lowest power level this will make him either take damage or block making it easier to do damage with other units

another thing  attack grade 2 rear gaurds  especially those that get +5k power when they block

take 2 damage early on so you can access counter blasts quicker

allways put back  triggers from ur starting hand and any grade 2's or 3's if u have no grade 1's

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