Friday, 2 March 2012

deamons cotinued

i have changed my list this week adding 1 bloodthirster and dp of khorne and dropping the horrors and soul grinder  AND MY PACK GO ARRIVED ITS AWESOME!!! LOL

as for actual models

i have just ordered the chariots and magnets to stick larger models together etc etc and 2 more bases for these models

still need:
20 plague bearers
2 heralds of tzeentch
1 blood thirster
1 dp

time limit 6 weeks  lets get it on!!!

gaming wise im still struggling with deamons and gettin the hang of them  losing 2 nids with more fire power and its annoying

what iv learnt so far tho is make the drop as even as possible  and then depending on the game saturate the weak half  allways refuse flank!! 

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