Tuesday, 13 March 2012


over  5 games iv won 1 lost 4  so 10 games will be 2/8   thats a poor average when  the tournament im goin to is only 3 games  that means theirs a gd chance ill lose all 3 games which is not gd .  now i am looking to win atleast 2  which means  in the next 5 practice games i really need 2 win atleast 2 games this will put me 2 3/7  which is a better average and more hope of gettin those 2 wins that i need.

from playing iv realised i dont have enough shooting and 2 much CC   2 dedicated shooting units and 2 dual units  in wave 1 wasnt enough  so now  iv changed the list and boosted the shooting to 6 units

the new lists look like this
Herald of tzeentch
We are legion / master of sorcery

Herald of tzeentch
We are legion / master of sorcery
Bolt of tzeentch

Flamers x6
Feinds x6
Crushers x5
Fury / instrument

Plague bearers x5
Plague bearers x5
Plague bearers x5
Plague bearers x5

Deamon prince
Mark of tzeentch
Bolt of tzeentch

now going back through the list

dedicated shooting units
both heralds  as per the original list
a new herald with the same setup
flamers (herald on disc attached to these)

these have doubled from 2  to 4 lol  this means that i shoud be able 2 drop these 4 on turn 1 along with 2 deamon princes being optimistic

CC units

these havent changed but with the improved shooting phase when they drop hopefully theyll be nice little juicy targets bcoz ill have destroyed sum boxes :P

dual units
deamon princes

these will be as they allways have been shooting a tank with bolt then charging it 2 finish it off from turn 2 they shud both hopefully take out 2 a turn  all being well  4 wounds with a 3+/4++

so in total  6 shooting units and 4 CC units which is an improvement well see how it does on the table next thursday

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