Sunday, 25 March 2012

vangaurd part 2

we looked at the basics  now im going to go over the cards and more indepth game play

each card indepth!!
as well as the lv of each card and its power they also have shield written on them this is the amount of damage they can help block.
as you can see from the card above their are 3 different types of abilities
cont in red these are continuous  abilities and as soon as the card is played they come into effect
act in blue are activated abilites these require you to perform a certian action
auto in green  this means that the ability will come into effect its important to pay attention to auto effects

some cards can also soul blast or soul charge

the above card can soul blast a soul blast is perform by flipping face up damage cards face down
a soul charge is done by putting the top card of the deck underneath of the top card (any card below the top card is called the soul)

damage check drive triggers and combat  !!!!!!!

as i mentioned in the first article  you win by causing 6 point of damage and that balancing taking damage with bocking

dealing damage
only front rank cards can attack  to deal damage to the player u must attack their vanguard.  you can also attack other front rank rear guards.

simply declare which will attack first
if u will boost
then the opposing player decides to block or not

the opposing player can block any cards vanguard or rear guard by calling his cards to the guardian circle. defence is worked out by adding the amount of shield to the power of the vanguard  if the total beats the attackers then they lock if not you take damage.

the twist  check the drive trigger!!!
if a vanguard unit attacks then after the opponent guards or not the drive trigger is checked this is done by revealing the top card to the opponent if a stand draw heal or critical trigger is revealed the evvects activate:

firstly all triggers give a card 5000 powe this can be added to any card including the vangaurd to boost his power to do damage

stand trigger  after a card attacks it is put on its side (called resting)  a stand trigger means the card can go back upright or stand to attack agen
draw triggers alows you to draw another card (triggers wont activate)
heal this lets you heal 1 point of damage for this to work you must have equal or more damage than your opponent
critical this is good one  this adds +1 damage to an attacking unit so if the opponent didnt guard thats 2 damage!!

now if the opponent guarded and the attack still went thru or they didnt guard then its time to damage check!!

this is done in the same way a drive check is done reveal the top card then place it on the left hand side of the play mat face up if a trigger is revealed resolve the effects first so all the effects above apply although critical wont work on the defencesive but giving +5000 to the vangaurd makes it harder to do damage

thats it all the rules are on line as well and the next articles will be about deck building tactics and the elusive FINAL TURN!!!!!!!!!!

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