Sunday, 25 March 2012

stand up the vanguard

vanguard  cardfight is finally out so now ill be doing  some deck analysis combos etc etc coz i love to blog. for those browsing and dont know what vanguard is its a card game made by bushiroad and the guys behind duel monsters and yu gi oh!

card fight game play area basics and stuff  !!!
its very simple each player has a 50 card deck with exactly 16 triggers which are stand draw heal and critical these are very important during combat as they can add an extra 5000 damage to a card which makes the difference between doing damage and not(more on that later). after that each card has a level  and these levels have different abilities.  the picture below  is a playmat 

the green semi circle is the gaurdian circle
the blue circle is the vanguard circle
gold is rearguards
the rest are labelled

level 0 cards
these are mainly trigger cards (heal triggers re capped at 4)  and the initial card you will use as your avatar to start the game.  the main ability of lv0 cards is they boost attacking cards

lv1 cards
these are used to boost other cards when attacking

lv2 cards
these cards can intercept  if a lv2 card is on the field in the front row then it can be placed in the gaurdian circle to defend the vanguard

lv3 cards
twin drive!! these are the most powerfull cards and will also have devastating effects such as retiring all rearguard units or being able to summon your own units from the drop zone to rear guard spaces

how the game works !!!
each player has a turn which has 4 seperate stages

ride phase - this is where you place a card with equal or higher level on the current
main phase - call any other cards to rear guard and activate any abilities
battle phase - this is where you battle :D
end phase  - this is where u end your turn and the steps are repeated for your opponent

the winner is the first player t ocause 6 points of damage!!

the most important part of vangaurd is being able to weigh up when to block attacks and when to take damage this will be covered in the next article :D as well as other card abilities such as soul charging and soul blasting

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