Monday, 26 March 2012

deck building tactics part 2

as i mentioned in the previous article i run a kagero deck!!  and here is it

conroe x1
draw - gatling dragon
crit - tarr

total 17

grade 1
barri x3 - perfect defense
barr x4
iron tail x4
amber dragon daylight x3

total 14

grade 2
amber dragon  dusk x2
blazing core dragon x2
dragon knight aleph x2
dragon knight berger x2
nehalem x3

total 11

grade 3
dragonic overlord x3
flare dragon x1
eclipse x1
aleph x2
blockade x1

total 8

barr x4 (grade 1)
tarr x4 (grade 0)
dragon knight aleph x2 (grade 2)0
embodiement of victory aleph x1 (grade 3) 

i run a high number as this increases the chance of drawing the cards i need i can also use conroe t to find and spare grade 1 or 0 cards i need

once i have bar and tar and alpeph i can put them into the soul and from dragon knight aleph supior ride to victory aleph  from here depending on my soul and damage i can either counter blast 4 and increase victory alephs critical by 1 and attack power by 3000 then i can use his 2nd effect get rid off dragon knigh aleph barr and tarr to unflip all my damage so i can use his first effect agen giving victory these stats

16000 power and a critical of 3 that means with a boost of 8000 from a grade 1 u get 24000 power then twni drive if u pull 2 triggers 34000 damage  ur opponent will need to block with atleast 3 cards
if i do the above BUT next turn ride vortex dragon with a soul blast of 8 and counter blast 5 i can retire all rear guard!!!!

my 2nd tactic is this
iron tail dragon x3 (grade 1)
gatling claw x3 (grade 0)
blazing core dragon x2 (grade 2)
blazingflare dragon x1 (grade 3)

with this tactic it has the same superior ride as aleph by filling up the soul (if i do this first it boosts my soul count for both aleph and vortex)  by having core dragon as the vangaurd and adding gatling and iron tail to the soul and counter blasting to call flare dragon
with him in the vangaurd i attack rear guards first to boost him then attack with him i can soul blast 5 to retire 1 rear guard unit
my 3 tactic is a double edged sword it locks down ur opponents front 2 rear guard units leaving u free to attack at full strength
sealed dragon blockade x1 (grade 3)
then either nehalem or berger
or sum grade 3's for a full offence

last combo i use is the amber dragon set

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