Monday, 26 March 2012

deck building 101

now weve got the basics out the way  its time to talk deck building!!  before we go into tactics this is the most important part of playing vangaurd being able to build a deck. their is a simple check list  to use when building a decent deck 

starting with the basics we need to use  50 cards with  16 triggers  plus a starting card that means we have 33 cards left for the rest of the deck and ill use my kagero deck for examples the basics are kagero are high damage and retiring rear gaurd units we can do other things but these are the main stratagies that i use

my triggers are
embodiement of spear tarr x4 (critical)
lizard soldier ganlu x4 (stand)
dragon monk genjo x4 (heal)
gatling claw dragon x4(draw)
conroe is my starting vangaurd

i use a balance of all 4 triggers as after u draw 6 cards theirs nearly a 50% chance to draw a trigger when u attack or take damage and 25% chance to draw any of the above triggers obviously you can change these if u feel ore inclined towards a certain play style

conroe is my starting vangaurd because he can counter blast and fetch a grade 1 or less kagero in 2 my hand

with the 33 remaining cards  we need 2 create a curve with the first hand that is drawn IE 0-3 then secondly the deck needs synergy so that you can ride up quickly to grade 3 this curve is so important for defending if u draw to many high grade cards u wont be able 2 defend early game

this is the set up i use for my deck
grade 0 17
grade 1 13
grade 2 11
grade 3   9

this means that my starting hand  shud contain atleast atleast 1 from each grade  giving me a gd curve

this is created through 1 or more cards boosting others and helping you on the road to victory  this can be done through cards fetching other cards or drawing them  having a high number of cards and beng able to superior ride :D

the next article will be a list of all the cards in my deck and my tactics

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