Friday, 30 March 2012

done bugger all with my deamons

so for the last week(few weeks) as the title suggest iv done bugger all with my deamons except maon about losing and list changing but now in the space off 3 days  my 3rd chariot has arrived and i picked up all my plague bearers which means the army is now 75% here  i have allso based all the plague bearers and 10 of their bases

and heres a teaser of the heralds to wet ur whistles!!!

my aim as i only have a few weeks left is get these all done for friday the 13th as that day is reserved to paint my fiends of slaanesh which i havent got yet and im not gunna jinx it lol day before a tournament but thats how its going.  so  next 40k update will be in a week with pics of what iv done.   

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