Tuesday, 27 March 2012

look upon the king of knights alfred

so i did a tactics article on vangaurd and used my royal paladin deck so im goin to go through it and do a deck building/stratagy article and why i chose each card so lets jump str8 in ill say it now the deck is only semi finished but still very competitive as i go thru ill put down also wat intend to do to complete the deck

overview  generally royal paladins  boost other paladins to give them greater attacking power such as alfred who with a full field gets 20k power plus twin drive thats 30k power if ur lucky   soul saver dragon can soul blast and boost 3 rear guards  with 5k power for a turn gancelot who gets 5k power and 1critical for blaster blade being in the soul

on to the deck
grade 0 and triggers
barcgal is my starting card as he is important for the supior ride combo to get blaster blade he cansearch for both flogal and llew then llew counter blast 1 and add these 3 to the soul and get blaster blade from the deck
stand trigger x4
heal trigger x4
drawx4  margal  - soulcharge  give 1 unit 3k power gd for soul charging for soul saver dragon
critcal trigger x4  which is llew x1 epona x3 

changes  ill be getting 3 more llew to finish this part of the deck  barcgal  is going to be banned soon so for a starting vanguard   these are hte options

star dust trumpeteer
giro - when put from gaurdian circle 2 drop zone move 2 soul gd card but not a gd starting card
dorangal - is a gd if u use the galahad combo
bluegal- gain 1k for each bluegal on the field
wingal brave (this is the next beast choice after barcgal) - has the same first effect when u ride it move  2 rear gaurd when u boost a unit named "blaster" put it into the soul if hte attack hits call a unit with "blaster" in its name

grade 1
isuelt x1 perfect defence
marron x4
pongal x2  this searches for soul saver dragon
wingal x4  boost blaster blade  making total attack power 19k
starlight x1 unicorn gives 2k power to a unit untill the end of the turn
morgana x1 drop 1 card for a 10k boost

ill be dropping both morgana and unicorn for 2 more isuelt

grade 2
blaster blade x2  counter blast 2 and retire a unit
gordon x4  intercept +5k to sheild
gallatin x3
akane x1  counter blast 2 search for a high beast i search for pongal then pongal gets soul saver :D
randolfx1 if u have more cards randolf gets +3k power

ill be dropping randolf and 1 gallatin  for 2 more blaster blade

grade 3
alfred king of knights x2
gigantech charger x2
gancelot x2
soul saver dragon x1
deamon slayer lohengrin

at the moment grade 3's are fine

tactics  their plenty to do with royal paladins  the first is done within the first few turns

barcgal call llew and flogal (if 1 isnt in hand)  supior ride blaster blade
akane  searches for pongal that  get soul saver
gigantech charger  when called reveals top card and that is called as well
gancelot can ride blaster blade to boost himself OR be placed on top of the deck  to search for blaster blade
alfred can call grade 2 or lower paladins  so u can get blaster blade 2 retire a unit
lohengrin counter blast 5 soul blast 8 and retire all rearguards soul charge 1 boost for 2k
soul saver get 3k for attacking and soul blasts 5 to boost 3 rear guards

defencesive techniques
isuelt is the perfect defence
gordon intercepts for +5k  shield

this means i can play 1 grade 3 and maintain a solid hand/field control or play 3 grade 3 and be agressive  as i have 12  10k shields  so at best i can block 3 turns of twin drive successfully

thats it for royal paladins their easy to use adn highly effective so go give them a try !!

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