Wednesday, 16 May 2012

building a 40k list

now i do get asked  on forums and at my local club  about list list building or specific  units  and how to optimise them  to make them better or make better use of them.

that gave me an idea  ie  time to blog!!!  so i thought  how do i build a list  well primarily i am a gamer  at heart  and play tournaments  so this is my main focus

first things first  the codex  and i ask these 2 main questions

how good are the lists (as im a gamer first this is the most important)
will i enjoy playing the codex
what are the models like as ill have to paint them and if i dont like them im not gunna want to paint them and is their any way to do the odd conversion to make characters or certian units stand out

after  all these have been answered and iv found a codex  its on to writing the actual  list  itself  and ill choose a codex i allready have at random

a gd list should be able to deal with the current meta  it also needs these 3 things and fit my play style some people prefer  all CC  or all shooting armies or hybrid this is also important 

mobility -  whether its  deep striking or turbo boosting skimmers the army needs to be able to get around
anti tank - we all know  the metal boxs of doom are on every table  so a gd codex needs  long mid and CC  anti tank  or a mixture 
CC unit  - whether  its decent troops  a death star  or a speed bump units it should have some CC units  this will differ from codex to codex but each codex will have 1 or 2 dedicated CC units at least  
synergy the list needs to be able to work together  the units  should perform  certian jobs to help other units and in the long run help u win :D

so lets  go thru a which will be my DE 1750 pts  but u can follow this method for any points limit

i take the baron 
succubus agoniser

i take  3 units of  trueborn with blasters in venoms with dual splinter canons

9 wyches in a raider  with hydra and hekatrix with agoniser
2 units of 5 wyches with hydra in venoms with dual splinter canons

all units have haywire grenades 

beast masters

ravager x3  night shields and flicker fields

lets go back over the list  with the 4  points i laid down earlier 

mobility  - everything can turbo boost and the beasts are beasts so even their pretty quick
anti tank - this list has tons of anti tank  the long range is  9 dark lance  mid is  12  blasters and the short is beast masters and haywire grenades if i need them
CC - firstly my big speed bump is the beasts  tonns of wounds  and  stealth and grenades thanks to the baron who will be attached to them this also acts as a destraction this leaves the rest of the army free to attack for the first few turns  u can also claim cover saves for the venoms if their behind the beasts  hehe which is dirty :P
synergy -  basically how the list will work on the table  the  beasts go foreward to the middle of the table and sit in cover the  ravagers  hunt  av14  while the blasters and wyches in venoms go hunt light armour with troops in and then shoot them 2 death with all the  splinter weapons

and thats it list building  if any body would like me to go thru any other codex's  and build a list put it in the comments below :P

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