Saturday, 26 May 2012

mortis engine

today i finished  the  metal  parts  and started the washing  of the  white  to  create  the  green colours for the  spirit  hoarde 

i will be  mostly using  thraka  green  to build  up most of the  base this will be highlighted with snot green and white  

for the  metal  i normally  use  chain mail  as its  easy to  darken it with  badab  black which i did  below  i will also  be  washing it green as well  to give it the rusted kinda feel  im also  following the  pic on the back of the box lol 

at  this point  id  like to note  iv bin painting this same mini  for  10 hours  which is  around the same time  i would  spend on a character !!!  eastimated  time till completion  6 hours lol

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