Friday, 18 May 2012

toy soldier 2012

iv now played  7 games with my deamons and  my w/l/d  is  2/4/1 

im struggling to make deamons a truly competitive army  the randomness  of first turn  coupled  with random  deep striking and scattering  is really starting to take its toll on my gaming pleasure.  some games go really well the rest  jus  bad dice rolls its 2 hard to pull it back

so  im gunna fix up the old dark eldar  and shake off the dust and bring them out 2 play theirs  roughly 9 weeks  left till  toy soldier  so ill play  atleast 9 games with my  dark eldar   

so i need 2 dig them out and start  fiing them  back up  get them ready 2 game 

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