Thursday, 24 May 2012

more comp shenanigans PT2

carrying  on  from  my last  blog heres the  next  installment starting with  ...

reanimation protocols  its  a quite  a complex rule  so ill break it down 

firstly  reanimation protocal is done at the  end of the  phase  on the roll of a 5 or 6 for each wound taken

this  doesnot happen  if  any of these  have a happend 
the unit has fallen back
the unit has been destroyed

also if the unit is in CC  the pile straight in

ever living  is the same as  reanimation protocals for independant characters

the most important rule  entropic strike 
models with wounds lose  their armour save if they take awound  from a model with this rule
vehicles for each hit roll a 4+ the vehicle then loses 1 point of armour from all facing  THIS IS DONE  BEFORE WORKING OUT what you need to pen or glance 

example 40  hits hitting  on a  4+  gives you  20 hits  then  4+  for  entropic strike means the armour is reduced by 10  if this reduces the armour  to 0  it immediatly  becomes wrecked

living  metal
ignores crew shaken  on a 2+
ignores crew stunned on a 4+

quantum sheilding adds 2 to the armour value of vehicles untill the first  glance or pen result

scarabs  have  3 wounds each so they can surive takig double  wounds from the swarms special rule

imotek  night fighting rule can be carried on each turn by rolling above the turn  and it will also do damage 2 each un engage enemy unit  on the roll of a d6  vehicles hit on side armour

spyders  have  the  only pyschic defence in the army

they have FC
mob rule  units  above  11 are fearless    after  this  the LD  is  the number of orks  in the  unit  untill they reach  their  base  LD 
waaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh!!!!!!  called after  turn 2 gives ork infantry units  fleet for that  turn 
if thraka  is  in the  army  the  waaagh move  is allways 6 inch rather  than  rolling for it  (a rol off a 1 means the  unit takes a casualty)

kustom force shield is a 5+  cover save
flash gitz can pre measure  before they fire
koptas can out flank
combat squads
combat  tactics   - any none  fearless unit can choose to  fail  any moral check

independant characters replace combat tactics with their  own special  rules if u have2 characters  you can only choose  1

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