Tuesday, 1 May 2012

targets underway

iv ordered  the hexwraiths  and  terrorgheist im now looking  for  paint schemes to paint this bad boy and i cant find anything at the min  looking at the new conversion chart  ill use

vermin as a base
karak stone  as first layer 
ushabti bone  as a midtone
skull white as the highlight

in between i may blend it with a wash before i highlight

the wings  are  sum where between green blue  purple  red 

now i think  ill go  for  all red  as teh torn  fibres will thn blend in with the  rest of the muscles 

the skin will be left black and highlighted in my fave adeptus battle grey 

after that its done  so ill add wet  blood  to the  maw and talons on the front  claws 

i will also b posing  him on the  garden  of moor  sceneray lik hes stalking thru it 

hex wraiths 

bone as above
one rider  will be  white  with a crown and bow to represent conquest
one  will be  red to represent war  if i can find a large sword even better
one will be black to represent  famine  i jus need 2 find sum scales  or make a set
one will b green or a yellowy decay colour to represent death  and hell be carryin 1 of the scythes

as the unit is a unit of 5 (for gaming purposes)  ill paint the other standard colours from the box

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