Saturday, 12 May 2012

massive picture blog!!! PT1

so im gunna try a different format  with plenty of pictures  as my recent blogs hav been lacking!!  so i went and bought the  vampire counts mortis engine/coven throne and look at it.
 its a massive box for wat is 3 peices of plastic

then we have the double sided instruction manual its huge i dont think the dark elf ravager manual was that big!! but with GW maign more dual kits their guna get bigger lol

 so after much deliberation and reading and gluing im 45 mins in and up 2 stage 4 now the way these stick together means theirs quite a few regions that will be hard 2 paint so ill leave them seperate for now

time for  tea!!!  nom nom  more after that!!  in PT2  well finish the base completely  and look at wat makes this kit either the mortisengine or  coven throne

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