Saturday, 12 May 2012

Massive picture blog PT2

dinner has been eaten and im back on  it  the base  is nearly  done  iv ran into  1 rael problem  at  stage  4 it wasnt clear  but done and dusted  im now at stage 6

stage 6 is basically some skulls lol and thats the base is completed

interlude as a painter i like to paint everything every bit gets painted even if it cant be seen so when im building a model i have 2 take into consideration how arkward its gunna be so far the only thing is the sheilds and keeping both sides seperate which isnt that bad the next problem will be the stairs 

the stair way is now complete

now im ready 2 build up the final part to make this the mortis engine which is quite annoying section 18 isnt very clear but its done!!!   with the corpse master 

final note  the banshees are also  complete  that  will circle hte tower  also i havent stuckdown  the  corpe master or  the front gate as it will make it harder 2 paint 

enjoy the pics ill do the same thing when i start painting  !!

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