Saturday, 19 May 2012

mortis engine

after more painting  its comming along  great  but iv buggered  up the  cagesection  by  sticking on teh back peice i cant  paint  the main section of the stone at  the  back so ill have 2 leave  it black. although  i will be painting  the front section silver along with the padlocks and  the cage sections

after  this has been done im officially half way done   

colours  used  ushabti  bone + a wash of sepia  for the  book andscroll on the  tablet   adeptus battle grey to highlight the  the cage and chain mail and badabblack for the  silver areas 8 hours  total  time and the lecturn  is done 

next break  + food break  then  ill start  the  first  layer on the  spirit  horde   for  those following  this  which  is  0 bcoz no1 likes fantasy lol  water down some  skullwhite  and pain the horde white  untill you  get a nice even colour  then wash with  thraka green  highlight raised areas  with  white done

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