Wednesday, 30 May 2012

its over 1000 6th ed rumours :( targets

firstly  id like  to thank  all the readers  in  under 1 year  11 months 2 be precise iv had  1026  page views  so  u guys  must like sumthin  that im talking about lol 

on to targets  this  month they were  ridiculuosly  simple  but  because  total  wargamer  didnt get their order i didnt get mine !!!!!!

so i havent been able to meet them  although i havent done lots of work on the mortis engine so its not a full waste

the 5th ed  rulebook  has now been pulled from the shelves  6th ed  is less than  1 month away 

a few more stupid hopefully  troll  rumours  are

going back  2 troops  bin gd and can fire  2 or 3 times
choosing terrain before the start of the game for ur army
random  terrain effects  some include  setting it on fire 
random  pyschic powers
pychic lores  like fantasy
random  charge range like fantasy
% for  army lists

im sure theirs  more  lol

its also  far  2 warm to paint  so i havent  done  nethin  new really 

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