Sunday, 20 May 2012

dark eldar tactics

since  quite a few readers  are  from the USA  and  i kno  from reading  bell of lost souls theirs a big tournament scene out there!!!  and  my  fave tournament army  is dark eldar  this year  im hoping for a  60%  win  ratio  at each event  or  50% at worse.

firstly  why do i   like  dark eldar  ?  well the  models  are  awesome  but  more  importantly  the encapsulate  the  holy trinity  of list building     speed plenty of anti tank  speed bump unit

how do you make dark eldar win?  well  it all depends on the opponents army  which sounds pretty  obvious and the  layout of the table may also be pretty obvious to some people  but  knowing  the opponents  army  you can  2nd guess where he will put his units for  example tall buildings will be an ideal  home  for  devastators  and long fang  or any  other unit with  long range fire power

hydras and  manticores  will allways be  in the corner  of the  board so if  ur not playing spear head deploy  the  blasters and  beasts  on that  side 

firstly  the beasts can  give cover saves to the blasters  2nd beasts are  fast  theyll be in combat turn  2  taking  out the hydras  also  dark  eldar have an amazing amount  of synergy  each unit has a job and they all work together to bring victory 

allways where possible refuse flank   this  means  go second assess the  opponents army  how hes deployed then  deploy your entire  force  on that flank and annilate it   he will have to pull his units from the  other flank to help support and as he moves across counter with long range ravager fire to slow them down  then  move  the beasts infront  to speed bump  the enemy  so that you can keep firing

another important  part  of playing dark eldar is using the  sceneray 2 minimise what the  opponent can fire at or improve  the  save from  5+  to  4+ 

future tactics  now i do use  1 beastmaster unit with the baron as a  huge speed bump stik them in cover go 2 ground  and  50 wounds with a   2+ cover save is hard to shift   this gives  my other units time 2 fire  and thin down the army  the problemishte baron makes the unit  quite slow

so  ill add 1 more beastmaster unit  thats another  unit with 50 wounds  but  unlike  the  barons unit  this 1 will be alot quicker  as it wont be slowed down  move through cover  fleet  12"charge they  can go round the barons unit  get a cover save then charge  in

ill be testing  dual beasts on thursday

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