Tuesday, 22 May 2012

more comp shenanigans PT1

half the  battle  for  comp  play  is understanding  ur opponents army  now you dont need to  know everything about the codex  but  i do think  having some cliff notes  that will tell you the  basics about each army the specific  rules for  that codex  and list ull end up seeing or could see will help  you decide on a battle plan   im going to do this as a  2 part  series as other wise ill be here  all day lol

dark  eldar
power from  pain  after a unit kills a unit  they  get a token  that gives the unit extra abilities

2 FC
3 fearless

they also have night vision


combat drugs roll a d6 and consult the chart
1 roll ona extra d6 when fleeting/running
2 +1ws
3 +1s
4 re-roll wounds incombat
6 1 pain token for all units

de have mostly poison shooting  weapons
arial assualt  means  ravagers and  both fighter  bombers can move 12" and fire all weapons

acute senses
counter attack 

wolfkin - wolves are i5 ld7
bear - eternal warrior
majesty - re-roll failed  morale  within  6"  inlcuding his unit
hunter - outflank and stealth
warrior born - bonus attacks equal to models killed from previous assualt  phase
beastslayer -  reroll hits against  walkers and T5
iron wolf  - vehicles with this character in can move  d3 extra inches as well as add 1 to the repair rolls

long fangs  can split fire

terminators cant deep strike in this army

grey knights
combat squads
aegis -1 penalty to psychic test
re inforced aegis  -4 to test  (only  happens if you are within 12")
pyschic pilot  vehices count as ld10
preffered eney deamons

pyschotroke has 6 effects
2 enemy unit has 1 attak this round and hit automatically
3 re-roll to hit
4 ld2
5 I1
6 enemy unit takes an Itest  those that  fail 

these  only last  1  round

psyk-out grenades  -  deamons and pskyers in the assualted unit are reduced 2 I1
rad grenades -  is -1T  for the duration of the  turn  doesnt effect  instant death

assassins are  unique characters and u can only take 1 of each

psybolt  adds +1str

next  blog will be3 more  codex's

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