Sunday, 6 May 2012

tactics article - feinds of slaanesh!!!

havet done  one of these  for ages  but ill start with a picture 4 are  done  1 more needs doing then i need 2 paint up the riders and then i have try and get 1 more from sumwhere to make it a unit of 6!! ps i will be doing once these are done a full army shot with unit break down and sperate tactica articles !!

here we go!!
 stat line ws4  str5  t4  w2  i5 a5  5+
gifts hit and run + rending 
unit type beasts

straight away we can see these are  CC monsters they have no shooting  power wat so ever  but their fast quite  strong and  have rending  theyll munch thru  most units  with ease  wounding and 3's and causing  ap2 wounds on 6+(rending)  

rending means  they can take on a dual  role  on the battle field  hitting  support tanks  like  hydras/manticore/razorbacks  etc  or  long fangs/devs   deamons generally struggle with  high AV like landraiders  so being able to throw  36 dice at a tank  with no extra modifiers is really gd 

the unit size i find most effective is  6 with 1 having +1 str  so they can bust thru landraiders easier as mentioned above  their quite cheap as well  30pts a model  for all this is well worth taking atleast 1 squad   maybe 2 :P

downsides  the  5+ save means theyll be whittled down quite quickly  so its best to keep htem out the way on the flanks OR  have them in range of the fate weaver the turn they come down  so they have a better chance of surviving

u can add more wounds  with a herald on  seeker  OR have 2 heralds if ur that way inclined 

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