Friday, 31 July 2015

7k views + necrons

its that time agen where I thank every 1 for reading my ramblings about general rubbish lol

Image result for thank you meme

I must know something n I like 2 think that as im writing on the internet wat im saying isn't wrong and cane be used as evidence 2 prove other people wrong ! lol

so iv gone back to painting necrons and im very close to finishing the old canoptek harvest  iv done the red/green and corrections  jus  blood effects and bases let to do

and here are the wraiths !! the spyder n scarabs are also in the same state  I will finish them when I get back from my hols

then ill do a full group shot

in other necron news iv built all my lychguard now and destroyers!!  which were posted up a few days ago

im still determined to have these painted by the end of the school holidays which is the end o august or non UK ppl its gunna b hard but well see wat happens

at the very worst id like this all done or end of sept when new tau stuff comes  out

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