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age of warmachine !!!!

so  massive change from wat normally happens age of sigmar rules have dropped and their out as a free PDF so im currently reading them as I type!!

so I think the easiest way to start the write up is  page by page !!

so the first page is a basic intro / terrain discussion and for something important like this it should probably be more detailed although I may stuble into what im looking for in later pages

for example the first thing it talks about is how many models to use and says a game with 100 miniatures will take up an evening, so smaller games lets say 50 models may sit at the standard time for a game of fantasy having no real fantasy experience those who have played fantasy regularly will soon decide wether these stream lined rules are  actually goin to make the game quicker or not

next its warscrolls and this is a big key difference from the old system  units cannot be joined by anything that is not on their warscroll and unit coherency is 1"  which means  u'll no longer see deathstars like u do in 40k but im sure some dirty combos will arise somewhere else.

another vague insight to how to play is the table size now it says has 2 be bigger than a 3ft square so im guessing 4ft square is the minimum table size but not sure as to how many minis this is for

but the next section is scenery and that says that u both decide what realm to battle in this will determine wat rules will be used for certain models now I see this as being maybe the most important roll as obvisously no1 will choose together unless they have the same force

so this roll will be 2 either get a bonus for ur force OR deny the enemy their abilities

scenery is placed using the 40k method  2ft square  and roll  look at a table and place that many pieces in it

u then roll d6 to decide wat the scenery does and each of these is quite gd really which adds an extra dynamic

 and that's  page 1 done  hopefully some of these will be cleared up in the next section

so now where into the meat and tatties of the rules settin up n stuff!!!

so  deployment has 3 styles 2 vanilla to 40k  hammer and  anvil and the standard deployment method
then the 3rd looks liked 2 L's sat on top of each other looks quite funky

here is the 2nd tactical decision  winner of the roll for deployment chooses deployment style!!

after that its deployment and now here is where its nice and comforting to the fantasy players trying to make sense of a scary new world units are set up 1 at a time alternating their u go safety blanket!!!

the key difference is u jus set up models until u decide that u don't want to or u run out of space  and those models that u have left can still be used some how at this point im guessing some kind of reserve mechanic

here is the 3rd tactical decision  first to set up can choose to go first or second

after that 1 becomes the general and gets to use hero abilities

victory conditions table an enemy to win pretty easy 6 turns in total shud that not happen its down 2 percentages  who ever loses the least  wins

sudden death conditions
if for some reason u have 1/3 less models and u may if all u brought was 5 dragons lol then u get special bonuses in the form of a warmachine like caster kill  the main problem is that the outnumbered player gets 2 choose the condition and the easiest is assassinate the player who isn't outnumbered chooses 1 character with a key word like hero, priest, wizard, monster  now their are others such as a unit but if u choose this then ull end having to kill the hardest unit and ull need equally harder units to do it with

the other easy 1 is have a unit last 6 turns now that should be easy with a flying creature as long as they don't have flyers n stuff 2 attack it with but having not got to that section yet its hard 2 say how easy that will be

now weve set up we know the turn order some warscrolls have b4 the game begins abilities these are done now with another roll off if u both have them pretty simple


here is the sequence for playing  and the die hards of fantasy will be crying

hero phase - cast spells use hero abilities

basically what it says on the tin  use spells by wizards and hero abilities these are normally in ur turn only but if it says any turn then the player whose turn it is has priority. all generals have inspiring prescience as a standard ability but some may have more on their warscrolls

movement phase - move units

units move as far as they can in inches  also vertically to climb walls etc no part of the model may move further than the move characteristic

a lil tactic if u move winthin 3" of an enemy (or vice versa) then they either remain stationary or retreat  if u retreat u cant charge or shoot  running is d6 if u run u cant charge or shoot

flying models jus move over things as if their not their so im guessin u can still be charged etc

shooting phase - ranged weapons
pretty simple choose a unit shoot and repeat lol

charge units - charge into combat  (more like 40k)
2d6  n move that far as long as u haven't done any of the following run or within 3"

combat phase - pile in!
this is strange its not bin well thought out or clearly written here is the paragraph
the player whose turn it is picks a unit to attack with, then the opposing player must attack with a unit, and so on until all eligible units on both sides have attacked once each. If one side completes all its attacks first, then the other side completes all of its remaining attacks, one unit after another. No unit can be selected to attack more than once in each combat phase. An attack is split into two steps: first the unit piles in, and then you make attacks with the models in the unit.

so this reads as if combat is done kinda like warmachine u attack on ur turn and the enemy attack on their turn  but its at the same time also the units don't have 2 attack each other but they will as its compulsory a unit must attack but they get 2 choose the order so for example

if their are 3 combats I can choose 2 attack in any order alternating with my opponent I suppose it adds a layer of tactical decision

battleshock - test for bravery of depleted units

taking bravery tests is quite simple  although its done by both players their doesn't seem to be a "winner" for combat which could be a mistake

all u do is roll a dice and add the amount u lost that turn so this will be for units shot at etc and u add 1 to bravery for every 10 models in that unit and the number u fial by u remove that many models as casualties

so that's combat n stuff it looks kinda clunky from how its written and well need to see it on the table to make a proper informed decision

bit weird but the next page starts with an in depth instruction on combat so here goes!!!

so how many attacks do u get easy its the A on the weapon the model has lol

are they in range to attack they are if they are within the range of the weapon in inches easy!!

how 2 hit n wound simple  2 hit roll above the weapons to hit value then to wound roll above the wounding value  no more  working out T or WS values!!!

now wat happens well u minus the rend value from the save  im guessing if u go over 6 u don't get a save but it doesn't say to a minimum of 6

this bit is weird u have 2 be in range //LOS to attack but u don't have 2 to apply the wounds 2 models in range or LOS of the attacker so u can keep gd models in the fight n get rid of useless models from the back

mortal wounds are basically auto wounds u don't roll to hit or wound or save 

cover is a +1 to the save they have rather than an alternative save


still kinda like old fantasy but their is no pool for dice  u jus cast a set number per turn   so if its 2 then u can cast 2 etc u roll 2 dice and if u beat the score that's it  also  if u want 2 dispel u need 2 be within 18" and have LOS to the caster u roll 2 dice if u beat the roll its stopped

al l wizards know 2 main spells arcane bolt  d3 mortal wounds value 5 its awesome

and a shield that adds +1 to the save

disclaimer if weve fucked up sort it ur self lol

so next up is  warscrolls for demons!!

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