Friday, 24 July 2015

next challenge

on sunday ill be facing off against at least  necrons and maybe nids  so well see at happens

VS necrons

now readers of the blog will kno I have a Decurion detachment that kicks face n takes names and im slowly painting it up its taking for ever!!!  necrons generally short range 24" but well be playing on a 4by4 board so I only really have 2 turns before their in range n I don't think the DE will be able 2 withstand the fire power getting glanced 2 death :(

the other down side is I kno that if u put the points in u can really stack up the saves and make them impossible to kill if he has crypteks  with chronometrons ill be struggling  BUT I do know that if u can get them 2 fail a morale test doesn't matter how gd or how many saves u get their is a better than average chance of the unit running away which has happened 2 me a few times so the

now he did mention wriaths n im hoping its not a unit of 6 tooled up but well see so the main job for my corpse theif is 2 intercept this unit b4 they make a mess of my army lots of ID wounds will do nicely and speaking of ID  if he runs a normal army it will make his reanimation roll a 6 or with Decurion a 5 so they shud munch thru a normal squad

next thing to worry about is vehicles iv got corpse theif n 2 scourges they shud be more than enough 2 put the hurt on them that 8 haywire n 5 twin linked haywire n I think that will be more than enough as were playing 1500pts they shud munch a vehicle a turn all being well lol

after that its keeping the venoms as far away from the warriors n things as much as possible so they survive

I think that is it use the corpse thief as a buffer to stop the wriaths then harass with them is the main plan

VS nids

long story short same thing buffer with corpse theif and then harass with venoms n stuff !!!

the big difference is the local shop is running a tournament and its only 1 flyer!!  so  thank jebus that he CANT run massed flyrants bcoz I think my poor venoms wud all die if I had to take them on

so as long as I can keep him from getting into charge range ill sacrifice the scourges and use them as buffers after first blood has bin taken!

n that's kinda it really

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