Friday, 10 July 2015


so its bin a while since iv played tau  and that mainly bcoz I went for the static gunline with them and while it worked it wasn't as fun as  other faster more mobile armies or jus plain punching stuff in the face!!

its mainly wat iv been doing with demons lately
 Image result for tau meme

but with the imminaent release of the  tau aunar I think its TK-139  as all tau suits need stupid abbreviations if u haven't seen it yet here it is in all its glory!!

now how to pronounce it sounds similar owner  so im jus gunna call it the owna  coz it will own anything racking up an impressive 13 guns this is the new tau lord of war !! 

my next hope is that the old crappy crisis suits of old disappear and we get a nice new lovely set  also with the releases of the FA  riptide and HS riptide  I think id like to cram as many into one army as I can along with the LOW but this is a dream until the new book appears

the model itseld is sed to be around the size of a cerastus knight   so its pretty beefy and much bigger than the current riptides

hopefully it will be out in the next few months

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