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rage of sigmar!!! fight!!!

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gd old gdub brought out a new game and to see how much cohunes  they got I gave it a go!!  at this point I didn't have much warhammer fantasy exp but ive played a few other systems and im sure iv use the above so when I found it I was quite happy
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I also liked this 1 so im throwing it in their as I forge my narrative lol pun intended lol

so neway  meme's aside 2 days ramblings is combat now its far 2 complex  for a game they've aimed at kids and dumbed down to the point of bein retarded working out how many teeth ur righteous sigmarite has knocked out of some1's face is quite comples 

and 2 demonstrate here is some other examples from other systems

warmachine/hordes  2d6 + MAT beat def to hit PnS +2d6 beat arm 2 wound

so  to beat DEF 11 with a MAT of 7 u need 4 on 2d6 and to wound ARM 18 with a PnS of 10 u need 9 

now that's  quite simple

malifaux  even simpler  draw a card and add it 2 a stat   highest wins and the difference determines damage  very simple

40k  roll to hit roll 2 wound  then take saves equal to wounds taken and remove whole models before moving on

now these are pretty much str8 foreward  while some are worded strangely (looking at u warmachine)

these maybe don't compare to RAGE OF SIGMAR!!!

so hitting and wounding is really simple  its a set number and any body who understands what the dots mean on dice should be able to do this bit for example  4+ to hit 3+ to wound but then each weapon/item etc has a damage value and this is where it gets complicated

the to wound roll isn't how many wounds u do its a potential to do damage  and the wounds that aren't saved are then converted into actual damage!!

this is a step that is overly complex and could be refined or taken out completely

so if a weapon wounds on 3's  with 2 damage and the opponent fails 2 saves that's actually 4 damage even multi wounded models like the eternals with 3 wounds have trouble defending them selves

and this is down to the random nature of combat the only adventage is who's turn it is gets 2 choose who attacks first so their is even more chance that a big monster or unit can be taken out before they even get 2 swing

but this led to a debate on this style of failing a save equates 2 multiple wounds and how it should be done as their are no clear examples in the rules as to how it should be done

if the roll 2 wound's as they don't do damge should u then roll again if damage is a d3 or d6 and then take that many saves instead so that in theory uv saved every wound rather then taking saves against wounds then converting failed saves into damage

as GW don't give a fuck how u play then its entirely up to the players

a quick rant on mortal wounds  wat a RETARDED rule  do damage and u have no saves against this arcane bolt is a ridiculously stupid spell !!  as any wizard can cast it this means most armies that took lots of wizards have an advantage another massive mistake !

so for my first  game I played against the  stormcast etarnals with

3 flying princes

as I  finished first I got choice on turn n let my opponent go first n I got sudden death victory so chose assassinate on his hero 

the mortal wounds killed of the flying guys turn 1

turn 2 we were incombat

turn 3 I managed 2 get priority n killed his hero with magic

it was quite easy and would have been even esier if it was a set turn order

the other problem is u can shoot into combat with no penalties and same for magic  (if ive missed that rule then ooops lol)

which means no1 is safe  he did kill belakor and 2 princes but still it wasn't enough  which shows if u go magic heavy with big hitters this game is rubbish

and all these flaws make it a really poor game

game 2 and 3 will be more balanced and ill out number my opponent and well see if it makes a difference

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