Monday, 20 July 2015

items !!!

I went  into a buying frenzy!!!  and look

5 talos  fire dragons  and lychgaurd that's necrons and dark eldar   these will get built before sunday so I can use em in a game Tuesday hopefully

and here they are built and based which took far longer than expected

as for painting im doing both halves separately  starting with  the metallic  which is leadbelcher then nuln oil then necron compound and blood for the blood god on weapons and chains and things like that

vials/tubes are  gunna be green washed and glossed to make them look like glass well see how that goes

armour is gunna be black n highlighted

skin will be pallid wych flesh maybe with grey or the other way round I think

the face plate will be purple with gold trim to make them linked to my DE as the main colours are gold n purple

hopefully ill have some WIP shots up very soon!

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