Thursday, 16 July 2015

corpsetheif claw

ive bin in a good mood so I got started getting the dark elder to be table top ready so I bought 5 more fire dragons  iv now got a unit of 10

and the main bad ass formation!! 5 talos with ichor injectors and haywire blasters
Image result for dark eldar meme
this give's me a unit with 15 wounds  T7 FNP and fleshbane at i4 ill be going before most pesky stomp attacks and with 4 attacks each for CC weapons and 5 on the charge! they'll murderise most gargants as this is where I think this list and most lists in general will struggle with the exception of my anti gargant formation which is 25 warp spiders lol

the next benefit is that if this unit kills an enemy unit in combat I get an extra VP  which means all those pesky 5 man combat squaded marines are gunna be nom nom nom'd with awesome multi charges

and other bonus as they get twin linked splinter canons that's  30 shots!!  from 1 unit at the min iv gone for haywire blasters  but ill try both set ups and see how they go

the unit can also scout should I wish 2 move up and get closer which is allways gd if u go first then ur at the halfway mark with a tempting piece of bait as this will be the main anchor for the army it wil be dealt with swiftly by most opponents

so here is wat my dark eldar look like with this edition


warriors x5
splinter canon

haywire x4

void raven


fire dragons x10

bikes x3

war walkers x3

corpsethief claw aka rape train lol

I'm hoping this is around the 1850 mark but I haven't worked out pts yet  but the eldar detachment comes out at 536pts while the dark eldar and formation come out at 1765

the good news is some portion comes under 1850  but I lose out on quite a lot

for example both war walkers and fire dragons add some punch for first turn and D/S

so now this bloated  heffer  needs some
Image result for gym meme

so the next article  will be trimming this 2300pt monster down 2 1850 and a lil 2k as well

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