Monday, 27 July 2015

destroyers ho!!!!

this is my small start for the destroyer cult once I get 5 more ill be sorted!!

so wat can I say about destroyers that hasn't all ready ??

before goin over wat they gained lets look at where they came from!!

the old destroyers were jump infantry  and 1 wound and 40ppm  now that's not bad but they were constantly over shadowed by wraiths who were a far better choice

so they got the super saiyan make over !! increased mobility in the form of jet pack infantry and an extra wound and still 40pts a model still with a str5 ap3 2 shot weapon but wat really makes them so much more appealing is the destroyer cult formation!!

as a side note in the reclamation legion 2 wounds T5 makes that 4++ protocols roll go a long way but this is the start of the awesomeness  bcoz chosen as an auxillary formation they get move thru cover so no dangerous terrain tests so they can jump in and out of cover all day long and not worry

the  formation itself gives the formation re-roll failed wounds and armour pen rolls which means they'll have amuch easier time wounding those big creatures and getting thru heavy tanks!!

they still get preffered enemy so re-rolling 1's to hit further increases their effectiveness

u can also add in a stalker to make them bs5  which makes their destructive power unstoppable!!

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