Saturday, 25 July 2015

whats in a core?

Image result for ben and jerry's core

its a starting point and quite tasty but not the core I was thinking of lol

as im testing the corpse thief claw at different points levels their is for me a starting point for every army before I add in the optional extras to finish a list or round it off

so how do u decide on a core??

well firstly this will depend on play style and wat kind of list you are wanting to run a core could be the go to unit/combo that u like or it cud be a solid hq and 2 troops I think these are the main 2 styles of cores and ill try and expand a little on these with my armies etc

with 40k being so diverse now its not just a matter of a CAD but weve got detachments and everything else

so lets go for the standard CAD eldar

spirit seer

avengers x5
scatter laser


this comes in at 490 points  so in a standard 1500pt game iv got 1010pts to spend on goodies

but this could easily go the other way and I could start with something like 9 hornets 2 far farseers and a skyshield landing pad which comes to 1025 so after  that u may not have much room left at 1500pts to throw in lots of other stuff

the key differences is one starts with a power house n then puts in the troops as u need them lol and the other start with wat u need (hq, troops)  and then uses whats left to build

another example is my Decurion style necrons now the core for them is the reclamation legion + royal court this my core and it comes to roughly 1300 pts which is a lot but i think this is a must for necron's and wudnt write a list without putting these 2 in first

and that is essentially wat the core is its a must have it doesn't have to be pts efficient for example a core for my eldar allies is  an autarch on bike n 3 wind riders which is 136pts

as i do try to write take on all comers style lists i do tend to start with hq n troops n for my other armies it looks like this


warrior's x5


comes in at 295 pts very cheap give's me plenty of points 2 add in stuff that i want

i tend 2 go for 3 tooled up princes n then fit the rest of the army around that

i think i build it round aunva and broadsides and aegis

their is pros and cons to both methods and like i mentioned its all down to play style TAC lists that want a bit of everything may start with a core that is HQ n troops then build up

an aggressive player may decide on building a list round a death star like the cent star or screamer star n then add troops in after that

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