Wednesday, 22 July 2015

rape train!!

so I tried my first game with the corpse theif claw and it went quite well  only lost 1 model  and the in a kill point game they generated 8 kill points  the bonus rule got me 3points very impressed so far

I did wat I thought was best  scouted up stayed in terrain ready 2 pounce and the haywire blasters worked really well picking off tanks little 2 gd lol 

but the main problem I can for see is fast units like jet bikes jump infantry n things that generally move 12" as im only moving 6 inch a turn its hard 2 catch them which means my back field has2 pick them up and 4 shatterfield missiles do that quite nicely!!

so I think next game ill jus run forwards n tie up the enemy with them and not focus on trying 2 get the extra points from killing units

having a discussion with another DE  player  and  lookin at ways 2 boost them  has suggested aspect host in venoms so fire dragons hitting on 2's n u can D/S those venoms if u wanted 2

kinda quick but not much happened lol

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