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so lets jus have a lil re cap on how bad this game is!!

1. mortal wounds  most things don't get a save at all against these wounds
2. shooting into combat and magic can affect those in combat

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so I played 2 more games of AoS  and  here is what I've found:

game 2 was "balanced" in that we both had a similar model count, now with game play the only thing that became frustrating was wat was frustrating me before so in a strange sense I think this is the sweet spot as both me and my opponent agreed that the game felt better and was more enjoyable.

the next game I found another flaw  jumped up this was one I stumbled across as I was trying the mystic shield power out

so mystic shield last's from 1 hero phase to the next IE a game turn BUT the problem comes in when the turn ends here

we both roll off for turn order and the highest dice gets to choose ........

this means for example game turn 2 I cast mystic shield
then its my opponents turn 2 I still have mystic shield
we roll off for game turn 3 and I win
turn 3 I let my opponent go first and as I haven't had my hero phase yet and mystic shield is still active!!!

so that's an extra half a turn on buffs and that's not just for mystic shield its for anything that ends in the hero phase so other spells and abilities

also even in a balanced game where u take random units etc  if u have a 1/3 more than ur opponent unless u are abusing the instant win rules with heavy hitter it jus does not work

onto other way's to balance the game  for those that need that comfort blanket

so the biggest and easiest way to do this is have a wounds cap so  play 25 wounds etc etc  not sure how this will work as  plague drones have 5 wounds each lol

the next one is to use this equation to get a rough ppm = wounds + attacks x bravery

so some guidelines  its total attacks  shooting/CC  if its a D3 use the average of 2

now lets recap on game 2  using this points system although the models were near enough  even in points I had around 400more

in game 3 when I had a 1/3 more I had 42 models at 2350

so if a model as 10 wounds 10 bravery and have attacks 5 so  10+5=15x10=150  its very simple :)

the final game is 2 use this method n see wat happens

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